Each step is done by hand

Follow us into our atelier where all operations are carried out by hand. Our highly motivated and skilled staff have the outmost focus on details in order to give each rug the best possible finish. When it is time for delivery, this will be done without any additional costs to our partners in Europe, no matter the size of the rug. Why make it complicated when you can simplify - is another of our corner-stones.

When size matters

Your rug in desired size? Yes that is what we offer. You are free to order your rug in any size your client wants, provided that the width of the rug does not exceed the width of our mother roll. We know this service is really appreciated by most clients since it gives the possibility to really customize the interior.

State-of-the-art finishing

After having delivered thousands of rugs finished with linen, cotton and leather borders we noticed the trend towards a narrower and less visible finishing. We started to investigate the overlocking possibilities and noticed that most of our competitors offered a traditional overlock made from a synthetic yarn with corners that were rounded. We started to create an invisible and more durable overlocking method where the 90° corners were a main target.

After two years of research, material sourcing and testing we found the right materials and managed to master the production process. There were several times when we were ready to give up but luckily, we endured and today INVISILOC® is by many considered to be state-of-the-art finishing method on rugs.


The largest air-powered sewing table in the world?

Our growth journey has constantly challenged us with a neverending increasing demand for more efficient tools and equipment. In 2016 we moved to new premises and this allowed us to invest in a new larger sewing table. It took us four months to build the 250 m² working area which we have reason to believe is one of the largest in Europe. The size of the table allows us to finish huge rugs without problems.

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