My grandfather and father were both in the flooring business for the major part of their lives and my journey started 1981 at the age of 23. During the following 20 years we gained great experience and in 2002 we started Nordiska Textilkompaniet. Our idea was to offer handcrafted tailor-made rugs mainly produced from natural fibres such as sisal, coir and wool. 2010 we changed our name to NTK for which we were already  widely known.

Our business model which  enabled our customers to increase their sales and profitability combined with a strong focus on details in the production process built our reputation and it did not take us long to be a leading name within the industry. We have constantly been able to grow our business and our real success came when we 2013 launched our own finishing method INVISILOC®.


January 1, 2019 the operations merged within our company group and it was given the name Englund-Gruppen Flooring AB. From the same date NTK became two brands:  NTK Atelier - Handcrafted tailor-made rugs and NTK Retail & Contract - LVT, ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, carpets and carpet tiles.

Our most important corner-stone is to provide excellent service in all aspects. If you are not already a partner,  entrust us and you will discover that working together with us is fun and easy.

Welcome to the world of NTK Atelier.

Stefan Englund

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